Thursday, 22 November 2018

Lets Get active

Thursday 9th August 2018

On Thursday Jason and I became partners of doing fitness at the gym. We did rowing, lifting weight and stretching. Matthew, Cole, Jason, Kaine and I left the gym because We weren't not supposed to try lifting 20kgs. We went downstairs to the changing room to change our clothes and then We went back to our classroom. Jason and I did the best thing We could at the gym but We got in trouble because Kevin said to the six of us to leave the gym. My arm muscles are nice and strong. I had a good time. I did amazing at lifting weights and rowing.

Thursday gym Workout


Thursday 15th 2018

On Thursday Matthew, Jason, Brooklyn, Kaine and Kayla and I did a workout at the gym.

We did warm-ups of stretching our muscles, rowing, biking, lifting weights, punching a boxing bag.

I was excellent at doing rowing for two minutes. I did it with Matthew and Jason.

We got out of the gym and went back to our classroom to eat lunch. I was happy and excellent at the gym.

My right arm is stronger than my left arm. My left arm is weaker than my right arm.

Next Step:

I just need to remember to not to force to wreck my left arm. I just need to remember to be safe at the gym.

Friday, 28 September 2018

Ambury Park Visit
At Ambury Park I saw animals like, sheep, lambs, cows, donkeys, pigs, chickens, bulls, horses and ducklings. The reason why Kevin my teacher wanted my class and I to go to the farm was to try new things and learn how to be responsible and respectful at the farm.

I learned three things at Ambury Park. One to learn to sit with chickens on me it was really good I was not even scared, secondly to read danger signs to be safe and thirdly always be with someone I know.

I enjoyed myself at the park. I enjoyed it . I loved it.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

The Movie With My Mother

The Movie With My Mother

On Tuesday at 4:00 my Mother and I went to the Monterrey to watch The Meg. I’m excited to watch the movie with my mother.

My mother bought two mini popcorn, water and m&m’s to eat when We sit on the seats to watch in the cinema.

The Meg is about Jonas Tayler and his crew to try and kill the 75 foot shark that’s called the megalodon. The megalodons are extinct in two million years but two sharks are alive in China under the bottom of the sea.

5 years before Jonas tayler and his crew were in the submarine finding new species and then the meg was attacking the submarine Jonas left two of his crew the part of the submarine, but what really happened Jonas and the rest of his crew escaped because he didn’t want to die. To crews members died in the explosive in the submarine.

There are too many stories  that I can’t tell, because the Meg movie is too long.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Playing pool

On Saturday morning I was practising playing pool by myself in our garage for 5 minutes. I want to beat my dad at pool so badly.

I played with my dad before and he beat me. He beat Hunter as well. I need to practise more to be able to beat my dad.  I was disappointed myself because I couldn't beat my dad.

After that I went upstairs to the shower to have a shower. I dried myself and got my pyjamas on. I went straight to bed to sleep.  

Friday, 3 August 2018

Strength T3

On Thursday my group and I went to the small gym to do strength training. I had two partners, their names were Matthew and Jason.

We did stretches, weights, biking, rowing and skipping ropes. Jason, Matthew and I were very tired, because of that our muscles were very sore.

Our favourite thing to do was skipping ropes. Jason was struggling a little bit, Matthew is good and I am very good at skipping ropes. We did it outside the gym by the basketball court.

When Matthew, Jason and I were done we went to take our bags to the bathroom to change, and then we walked back to our classroom.

Image result for stretches

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

My Gym Story

Monday at the school gym I did some workout warm ups. I stretched my arms, legs and my back.

In the gym after doing warm ups I did biking, rowing and lifting heavy weights. I felt tired and happy.

My group and I went outside the gym doing 3 laps of running and jogging around the basketball court.

I went inside the gym changing my gym top to school top and then walked back to class with my group.

I need to practise a little more warm ups, but I improved doing weights, rowing and biking. I felt happy today.